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09/07/10: Locations

I just fixed an obscurely minor little thing in the Gen IV Locations, namely how if you typed a location name into the autocomplete box and then pressed Enter immediately to go to the first matched location, it would use the currently selected terrain instead of the terrains available for the first matched location. Now it will first get the available terrains for the location and then properly submit the form.

About to go through some affiliation requests, so if you sent one in at some point since June, you can expect a reply reasonably soon.

Legend of Thunder review coming whenever I get around to it. Then there's the HG/SS Places to Train, which I should probably finish at some point before everybody stops caring about HG/SS and starts playing Black and White instead.

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Commenting on: 09-07-10

I love the Legend of Thunder. Can't wait for the review.

[08/09/2010 08:53:52]

Commenting on: 09-07-10

The Places to Train article would be really good… I need it, haha. XDD

[08/09/2010 02:36:00]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 09-07-10

Haha, oops. Fixed.

[07/09/2010 23:28:14]

Commenting on: 09-07-10

I thought today was the seventh of September, not the seventeenth?

[07/09/2010 21:54:17]

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