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08/17/14: Favorite Pokémon Picker improvements

I've made a couple of usability improvements to the Favorite Pokémon Picker. The double-clicking shortcut now only works when you haven't selected another Pokémon, to prevent accidental double-clicking; there are now undo/redo buttons capable of going back and forth for up to three moves in history (I figured it was unlikely anyone would need a longer history than that, but I could lengthen it); and it should now behave a lot more nicely on smaller screens such as phones.

UPDATE EDIT: Also changed the highlight and selected marker to be circular rather than square. It looks way nicer this way, wow.

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Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 08-17-14

Hog: The reason Pass doesn't pick none of them is that the way the picker works relies on the idea that when you eliminate a Pokémon, it's because there's some particular Pokémon you prefer over it. If you were to eliminate an entire batch of Pokémon, we wouldn't have this information for them and they'd have to be out of the running permanently, which prevents you from theoretically continuing to pick more favorites forever.

You also don't actually lose anything by picking every Pokémon - you'll just have to eliminate them in later rounds when they're up against some that you like more. You haven't erroneously indicated that you prefer these Pokémon over any others by picking Pass. So it really is a pass operation - nothing happens, you keep your hand.

[29/09/2014 00:35:26]

Commenting on: 08-17-14

Amazing work on this update! Had lots of fun with it :) Just want to say though, the "pass" option's function is counter-intuitive to it's label. When I first tried it out without scrutinizing the instructions, I thought "pass" connoted that none of the pokemon presented were to be picked (as compared to all of them being picked). The same happened to many of my friends I linked this to! Perhaps bolding the instructions or placing them closer to the button would help?

[22/09/2014 11:38:46]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 08-17-14

Happy: I actually think the X/Y models considerably lessen the bias compared to any generation's sprites - almost every Pokémon is in a pretty neutral pose, none are off-model, and there's basically no such thing as some being better shaded than others, etc. So I'm reasonably happy with it using X/Y models. If I do a regional Pokédex-based thing as Kevin suggested, though, it seems appropriate to use sprites from the relevant game(s) for that.

Ehhh, I don't think the story of how it came to be is relevant or interesting enough to be stuck on the page. It seems more appropriate as just a blog post. I guess I could link to it, or do a better writeup and link to that, though.

[29/08/2014 15:48:26]

Commenting on: 08-17-14

Having read the original post you made about this on tumblr well before, I'd be interested for you to copy over the history behind making your own version :3c I'm sure lots of visitors will recall the original that swept the web, and will be curious about the changes you made. The only caveat is it'll take away from the elegant single-serving of the page, but I'm sure no one will mind the loss :b
I can also see prev. gen sprites being an interesting expansion, given you mentioned the visual impression makes such a difference (and I immediately felt it too; kricketot, what the heck?). I guess of course that causes some problems with 'forwards' compatibility, but hey, there's probably some genwunners out there who'd appreciate not needing to deal with later gens at all :P

In the meantime, I've only got a few batches in, and each time I'm feeling the pressure of all the other things I should be doing first, but I'm just so curious.. T__T "Just one more" will be the death of me, hahaa

[21/08/2014 04:32:46]

Commenting on: 08-17-14

It'd be neat if you included a Mega Pokémon option for the Favorite Pokémon Picker too.

Good job on it though!

[19/08/2014 17:32:39]

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