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08/04/12: Stat Stages

As I was working on the new battle mechanics section, the part on stat stages kept bugging me; it didn't properly feel like it belonged where it was and seemed to be overcomplicated and kind of tangential to the real point compared to what I wanted the battle mechanics page to be. So I ended up splitting it off into a separate section, which not only explains the basics of stat stages but also comprehensively covers the moves, abilities and so on that work with stat stages, like my status ailments page. (I've also clarified and added a couple of things on that page that I discovered during my research for the stat stages page.)

Since I got sidetracked by that, I'm still working on the new battle mechanics section itself, but that will be coming and I still maintain that it will be soon, damn it.

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[07/08/2012 17:07:49]

Polymetric Sesquialtera
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"The moves Acid SpraySeed Flare (40%)[…]"

I don't think that's intentional…

[07/08/2012 03:16:36]

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