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06/15/06: Okay, I must be crazy.

Oldie style is back - but this time not in the style switcher.

For those of you who weren't around when Oldie style existed before, it's basically mimicking the site as it looked when I first created it. Needless to say, it is eye-hurting, badly designed (for example, you can't distinguish links from the main text until you hover over them), and generally very horrible.

When Oldie style was here before, it had been fixed up a little so it wasn't quite as horrible as it really was back then, but now I decided that with all the stylistic possibilities of the new layout, I just had to make something that looked just about exactly the same, just because I could. So here it is, complete with non-shaded Paint Pikachu from 2002 next to the disclaimer and updates in huge font. (Did you know that I originally used the huge font because my updates were so short? I gave up on it when I started rambling so much in my updates that they took up the whole page in that font.)

Of course, since I can't possibly imagine that anybody would not run screaming away at first sight of that style after a brief nostalgic déjà vu experience, I'm not going to scare visitors away by putting it in the style drop-down and have curious people actually select it. It's just an 'easter egg' for fun's sake.

(I started the June crossword. Because you're not going to have a lot of time to complete it, it has a special Johto theme - all the answers are Pokémon/characters/items/places/etc. that were first introduced in Gold, Silver or Crystal. However, I'm going away for the weekend so don't expect it to be up right away.)

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Commenting on: 06-15-06

…oldie style has never been in the style switcher, dear.

[06/03/2010 19:19:24]

Angry Oldbie
Commenting on: 06-15-06

Rawr I loved the Oldie style and want it back in the switcher

[06/03/2010 17:47:58]

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