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06/11/10: Arceus and the Jewel of Life

The twelfth movie review is up.

I've also been through my affiliation/etc. queue, which also means some stuff people submitted for In-Game Humour has been added, and as usual when I go over affiliation requests, I went and tweaked/added some things in the various webmaster sections. And finally, happily, I've gotten veekun's database working on my computer and will be using that to make that HG/SS Locations section I was talking about, as well as probably revamping the D/P/Pt Locations while I'm at it.

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Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 06-11-10

Sageowl: That's why I don't think it's quicksilver; I'm assuming it's some other molten metal that would solidify at room temperature.

[17/06/2010 01:59:20]

Commenting on: 06-11-10

On the in-game humour:

I'm pretty sure the "dropped my balls" Juggler is somewhere in FR/LG in one of the islands, not G/S/C.

In HG/SS, there's a grunt in the Rocket Headquarters that says something along the lines of "Do you feel lucky, punk?", which is probably a Dirty Harry reference.

Also, talk to the Hiker in the Goldenrod underground. Seriously.

[16/06/2010 21:46:58]

Commenting on: 06-11-10

I was wondering how the silver-water froze, as it requires a temperature of -40 degrees (No units are needed :-P) to freeze. I guess they could have somehow messed with its structure, but it would need to be that cold at the bottom of the well. Also, you said 'molten', but would quicksilver really be described as 'molten'?

[16/06/2010 20:18:34]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 06-11-10

Hm, it actually makes perfect sense if Giratina's attack was Will-O-Wisp, since after all Fire-types can't be burned. Still doesn't explain why they didn't just use any of the many attacks of types nothing is immune to, but hey.

[12/06/2010 19:13:31]

Commenting on: 06-11-10

Actually, I always just kind accepted that the plates, due to Arceus's inherent power, negated those attacked they resisted. (Although to be fair, Arceus did turn Ghost-type to defend against Aura Sphere and Hyper Beam.) And then there's Giratina's "looks like will-o-wisp except way too explosive" attack, but meh.

And think about it this way–not only did Arceus lose Ground (to defend from Electric), but also every single type that resists Electric. So I just assumed that so long as Arceus can resist a type, it might as well be immune.

[12/06/2010 18:48:37]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 06-11-10

I didn't notice that, at least. I took a look at the particular exchange you took as an example, and Ash does repeat "The Jewel of Life?" after she first mentions it, but Sheena's next line after that just continues the story, rather than repeating "Yes, the Jewel of Life" again. In the rest of the scene it's largely the same; sometimes they ask about something she's just said, but only a couple of times, and she never repeats it again after they ask.

To be fair, that sort of thing gets done in dubbing simply because they need filler words to get their dialogue to take the same amount of time as it did in the Japanese version.

[12/06/2010 16:28:38]

Commenting on: 06-11-10

They seemed to get kind of lazy with the dialogue in the English one, with a ton of the exchanges being structured like

"… blah blah blah The Jewel of Life."

"The Jewel of Life?"

"Yes, Jewel of Life. (further explanation)"

And that happened about twelve times within the space of about thirty minutes. I've always been curious, is the Japanese one any better with that, or is it pretty much a direct translation?

[12/06/2010 15:19:59]

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