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06/04/07: Crossword! Gasp!

Sorry about the downtime - the server suddenly went down so that we couldn't even access it and I couldn't work on the site, which was especially annoying as I was just making the last couple of clues for the June crossword. Yeah, I made a new crossword at last - I got two solutions to the October 2006 - May 2007 crossword that got more than half of the answers right, and then I was a happy Butterfree so I went and judged that one and made a new crossword - perfectly on time, I might add, but I couldn't put it up until now. v.v Stupid server.

At least, that means the new crossword is here, and it's quite a bit easier, so I'm sure at least somebody will manage to finish the whole thing. Congratulations to Crystylla and opaltiger, Spikefish and Drew108 and David for winning first, second and third place at the previous crossword, especially Spikefish since they were the person who submitted a few days ago with 21 correct, reviving my faith in humanity and prompting Crystylla and opaltiger to go frantic in trying to beat that.

In the fiction department, chapter 35 of The Quest for the Legends version ILCOE and chapter 3 of Morphic are up.

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