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03/31/08: Locations

The theory isn't here yet (I'm hoping to get it up tomorrow), but I have a great excuse for not having been working on it!


The Cave of Dragonflies presents the D/P location analysis, where all the wild Pokémon found in each location in Diamond and Pearl are listed in all possible detail. I was going to have a "Places to Train" section and maybe also a tool to search for where to find some particular Pokémon, as well another section for the Pokémon found while fishing or surfing, but that will wait a bit. I'm fairly certain this is the most detailed D/P wild Pokémon location information page on the Internet; after all, it, like so many other sections on this website was made because of my inability to find it anywhere else when I needed it.

Before you start gawping, I did not write that down manually: the actual data behind it is taken from what Eevee of Veekun ripped for his Pokédex. But it did take me ages to tinker with the presentation, and the presentation is more detailed than in his Pokédex (not to mention the manually-written "Where" and "Notes"), so I deserve some credit too, right? :D;

Unfortunately the page breaks the layout if you try to open it in Voice of the Forest style (and the old Hellfire style, for that matter), so if that's what you're using, you should either switch styles or view the same information here on a virtually styleless page.

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