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03/22/04: Funny.

OK, I don't believe I told you already, but I might have. The secret page has been updated, and from now on will contain something new. Pay a visit to the secret page often, because I promise, I WILL update it frequently from now on.

The plagiarism case has also ended, Kristin has apologized and it's going fine. :)

Also, chapter 36 of The Quest for the Legends will be finished soon. Very soon.

Anyway, what the update's title is about... I was bored, so I looked for "Pokémon" at Dictionary.com. It didn't return any results, however, it did suggest that I might be looking for "Pokemon" or "PKMN". So I checked both of them. They were both listed in Dictionary.com as acronyms, so I checked them in Acronym finder. It turned out that "Pokemon" is defined as "Pocket monster" (for whatever reason, I cracked up when I saw that) and "PKMN" is defined as "Pokémon". Searching for Pokémon on Acronym finder returned no results. I also tried searching for "LOL" on Acronym finder, and one of the results was "Little Old Lady". That also cracked me up. I also found it very funny that Official Meeting Facilities Guide is listed as a meaning for "OMFG" before the one most people know, and that "Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages" or anything similar is not listed for "SPAM". By the way, if you're lost in internet slang, try Acronym finder. It could have saved me a lot of pondering...

Speaking of random searches for stuff out of boredom, you can find proof that the Nine Vertical Pies are taking over the world in Microsoft Excel's chart wizard and about two thirds down this page. It's all a big conspiracy! The Pie of Pie is after me! AAAAHHHH!!!!

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