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03/10/07: Long time, no stuff.

Gah. It's been, what, three weeks? I've been waaaay too busy trying to write chapter 34 of The Quest for the Legends (and failing miserably). What's worse, there's still no crossword. I seriously need to start getting things done, hm?

Well, at least fans of my writing do have something to rejoice over already, because while not managing to write chapter 34, I did manage to write a new spin-off, this time a one-shot, called Nightmare. Please note that it is pretty difficult to understand if you have not read The Quest for the Legends or Scyther's Story.

Larissa has gotten a little bit of company on my sister site list, now renamed to "Sibling Sites", since Veekun has now joined the ranks. Best and most underappreciated Pokédex on the net, everybody!

Then there have been a bunch of updates to the Pokémon List Generator and Sprite Generator with all the recent flood of English names of D/P Pokémon being revealed. I think that is just about it for the moment, really. I am still working on that HTML guide, and I will try to make a new crossword when I can get around to it. I've been awfully busy with school, my boyfriend and that darned chapter 34 of The Quest for the Legends recently.

Also, I'm finding it very amusing that the front page hits are back at a more slow and sluggish pace than ever now that people aren't refreshing the front page like maniacs trying to get it up to one million. :P Gave yourselves away now, did you?

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363 Fun fact: The above sprite has a 1/8192 chance of being shiny. Feel free to brag if you get one.


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