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02/14/11: No more speculation

Sadly or not-so-sadly, I've concluded that I've pretty much lost all interest in news coverage and public speculation (as has probably been obvious for a while), so I figured I might as well just put the Cave of Speculative Theories out of its misery already. It's gone from the menu. Sorry. If you find any references to it that I missed, by all means tell me.

Okay, so. I am not good at keeping myself motivated in secret. HERE ARE THINGS I AM GOING TO DO, and now that I've said it I'll hopefully actually do it:

  • Do the thirteenth movie review. Already watched it once, but haven't gotten around to the second viewing or the actual reviewing.
  • Review Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs. I finished the game ages ago but have been too lazy to actually get on with the review. I know mostly what I'm going to say in it, so it's just a matter of organizing my thoughts and writing them down.
  • Make a page explaining the R/B/Y capture algorithm, which is really, really interesting if you're a geek like me.
  • Finish the fifth-generation Zodiac. The leaked English names are probably real, so I'll be fine using them as placeholders while putting it together, at the very least.
  • Start making the B/W Changes page. While I won't actually finish it until the games are out in English, there are a bunch of things I can already put on there and I should write them down before I forget.

I'm also in the process of writing yet another Morphic extra about Dave and Mia discussing stuff, but that doesn't need to be on the list because that's the one thing I don't need to prod myself into writing. (I meant it when I said that I could spend the rest of my life just writing about the two of them talking.)

Incidentally, my computer is okay (the hard drive that got fried had nothing important on it), but I'll have to reinstall Photoshop before I can make the crossword solution image and all that.

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One vertical pie.
Commenting on: 02-14-11


[20/02/2011 05:08:56]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 02-14-11

Because it was an astronomically dumb idea, completely missing the point and not really funny at all?

[15/02/2011 16:29:06]

Commenting on: 02-14-11

*Oops, "Anti-Anti-Pokemon for Pokemon" I think it was.

[15/02/2011 15:15:19]

Commenting on: 02-14-11

Thanks! ^_^ It just sounded like you completely destroyed it from what you said. Is the old Pokemon obsession test still floating around? Also, I've been wondering this for years… why did you take down the "Anti-Pokemon for Pokemon" section? Were you afraid of people being offended or getting the wrong idea?

[15/02/2011 15:12:37]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 02-14-11

When I take something down, that always just involves removing the link from the menu; it's still there if you still want to see it. Case in point.

[15/02/2011 12:58:20]

Commenting on: 02-14-11

Aww, no! D: I knew the CoST was never to be updated again, but I really wish you hadn't killed it! I really wanted to reread the archived entries and feel nostalgic about when D/P weren't out yet, and PBR looked so exciting and promising (even to me, and I didn't have a Wii!), when we thought Piplup was still going to be called Pochama, when my idiot 13 year old self got worried that Pokemon might be anti-Christian because of Arceus, when Lucario and the Mystery of Mew came out and I watched it every day… *sigh*

[15/02/2011 12:36:09]

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