Christmas Eevee


  The Christmas shoppers bustled in and out of the stores, intent on getting their shopping done before the shops closed for the night. The date was 19th of December, and each shop displayed signs emblazoned with various ways of saying “SALE!”  Unnoticed by the people, an Eevee threaded its way through their legs, looking for scraps of dropped food whilst avoiding their feet. She spotted a nearby bin outside McDonalds, overflowing with tasty-looking morsels of food. She bounded towards it, so intent on her goal she didn’t notice the large, fat man coming her way. She squealed in pain as he stepped on her tail. He barely spared her a glance before hurrying onwards, looking forward to a meal and a warm bed. The Eevee nursed her tail and wished bitterly that she also had a home to go to. After licking her wounds (so to speak) she moved towards the bin again, this time keeping a wary eye out for passing humans who would pose her danger. Upon reaching the receptacle, she jumped inside and searched through the rubbish for something edible. She didn’t notice the band of Rattatas and Raticates who were growling and advancing quietly upon the unfortunate Eevee. As one, they pounced, pinning Eevee underneath their sharp claws. The leader of the pack, a battle worn Raticate, stepped forward.

“What are you doing in OUR dustbin?” He hissed. Eevee whimpered quietly as their claws dug into her skin.

“I’m sorry!” She gasped “I’m really sorry!” The Rattatas and Raticates looked at one another, grinning evilly. The leader of the pack held up a claw.

“We have no choice but to eject you from OUR dustbin!” He sneered. The pokemon hefted the Eevee onto their scrawny shoulders and threw her out of the receptacle.

“And don’t come back!” One shouted. They guffawed with mirth and disappeared back into the filth. The scared and dirtied Eevee got to her paws and scowled at their retreating backs.

“You’re just disgusting filth!” She shouted, sticking her tongue out at them. She ran off into the darkness as several Rattatas poked their heads over the top of the bin and gave chase. Squealing in fear, she put on an extra burst of speed and was swallowed up by the shadows which were elongating as the sun set to the west. The Rattatas looked around for a moment before heading back the dustbin.


Chapter Two


 Eevee ran on for a bit until she looked back and saw the other pokemon weren’t following her. She slowed down a little and relaxed slightly. She wandered the streets for a while, looking out for dropped food that hadn’t been pecked to bits by Pidgey and Spearow. She finally came across one of her favourite shops, a bakery. The owner was very nice and usually gave her spare icing and marzipan. She went round the back to the tradesmen’s entrance, and nudged the door open with her nose and disappeared inside.

 Once inside, she shook the stray snowflakes away and made her way toward the front of the shop. Only one person passed her, a young man wearing faded jeans an overlarge sweater to keep out the little cold let in from the door. Upon seeing her, he picked her up gently and carried her to the counter, where he spoke for a moment to the nice lady working the till. Eevee knew the lady well; she was the one who gave her spare food. The woman smiled, and, being as gentle as she could, plucked Eevee from the man’s arms and cooed at her. She carried her to the room where they make the cakes, which was full of the warm, comforting smell of fresh cakes and bread. Setting her down on a box, she bustled off to find some extra food. Eevee relaxed and looked around. She was in a storeroom which would be unrecognizable as a bakery storeroom if it weren’t for the smell. It was full of boxes just like the one she was resting on, in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Every now and then, there was a shout from the shop like “2 loaves of Wholemeal!” or “6 packs of cupcakes please, we’ve run out up here!” Eevee smiled inwardly, she was home.


Chapter three


 Suddenly, there was a scream from the shop and a command of “PUT YOUR HANDS IN THE AIR, THIS THING’S LOADED!” There was a loud bang, and something silvery shot past Eevee and embedded itself in a box of ‘Mother Pride’s Fresh Baked Bread! Taste the quality!’ Jumping to her paws, Eevee leaped off the box and ran to the shop front. A man wearing a balaclava and a black jumper and jeans, clutching a gun, was shouting instructions at the man at a till. Shaking violently, the man at the till opened the money compartment and took out a fistful of notes. The balaclava man grabbed them and slowly backed towards the door. Suddenly, the man who had found Eevee in the storeroom produced a pokeball and threw it, shouting “Go! Hitmonchan, I choose you!” The fighting Pokemon appeared in a flash of white light and threw a few punches at the air. The balaclava man immediately turned the gun on Hitmonchan, and, squeezing the trigger, shouted “Eat lead!” The bullets hit the Hitmonchan in each shoulder. Crying out in pain, he slumped to the floor.

“No! Hitmonchan, get up!” cried the man in desperation “Please Hitmonchan!” The balaclava man laughed evilly. It was at that moment when Eevee snapped. She had had enough of this. Screaming a battle cry, she leaped forward and clawed at balaclava man’s face. It was now his turn to scream in pain, trying to bat Eevee away with the butt of his gun. While he was distracted, the woman who was Eevee’s friend crawled to the phone and dialed 999. Eevee was seeing red, letting her natural instincts dodge the gun while she attacked.


Chapter four


 Before long, the police arrived and took the man into custody. It turned out the police had been searching for him for a while. They thanked the woman for catching him.

“Oh no, I couldn’t take credit for that!” She insisted “You should thank my little friend Eevee for stopping him!” Eevee jumped into her arms as she spoke and smiled at the officers.

“Thank you Eevee!” One said, patting her head.

“Yes,” Chimed in the other “Thank you Eevee!” Stroking her gently. She preened under the affections.

 Meanwhile, the store assistant who’s Hitmonchan had been injured was demanding of the Chansey how his Hitmonchan was.

“He’ll be just fine!” Insisted an irritated Nurse Joy “Now please stop harassing my assistant’s!”

“I’m sorry,” He said apologetically, smiling at the Chansey’s and Nurse Joy “It’s just that I’m so worried about him…” He trailed off, glancing at the nearby Pokemon Centre. Nurse Joy patted his arm reassuringly.

“He’ll be just fine.” She repeated “Just fine.”


Chapter five



 When all the policemen had gone home and the shop had closed. Eevee turned to go.

“Oh no dear!” Said the shop owner, picking up the Eevee “You’re coming home with me! We couldn’t have Christmas without you!” Although Eevee only vaguely understood what she said, she was astounded by what she heard.

“Ee! Eevee!” She squealed, wiggling happily in the woman’s arms. The woman laughed, and, carrying Eevee, they set off toward her house.

‘I really did get my Merry Christmas!’ Eevee thought as she drifted off into a deep sleep in the woman’s arms, dreaming peacefully.


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