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Commenting on: 02-06-11

I love reading these. They're always so natural and the opinions are very genuine.

[14/02/2011 04:09:53]

Commenting on: 02-06-11

Nice extra. Dave and Mia's conversations are interesting. =3

Out of curiosity, this scene takes place before Brian is killed, right? Dave's reluctance to continue talking because it upsets him is ironic.

[07/02/2011 03:03:23]

Commenting on: 02-06-11

I didn't need to do anything, I just tried again and it worked. Must have been a bug on my end.

I do find it amusing that in the Morphic world Mia, a scyther morph, cannot comprehend wanting to commit suicide while in the Quest For Legends world that suicide is one of the biggest themes for scyther. I realize they're too completely different worlds, and it was more Scyther culture than Scyther instinct as evidenced by Scyther not wanting to commit suicide, but even so I think it's an amusing contrast.

[06/02/2011 23:26:10]

Commenting on: 02-06-11

fffff that was great fun to read. Mia's take on suicide was really interesting to read about. I love this series so much.

[06/02/2011 21:45:26]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 02-06-11

Change the character encoding in your browser.

[06/02/2011 19:39:29]

Commenting on: 02-06-11

Is it just me, or is the text file full of that odd black questionmark block?

[06/02/2011 18:53:01]

Commenting on: 02-06-11

What do you know? It's also my birthday. :D

[06/02/2011 13:48:12]

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